Saturday, April 9, 2011

Minute Mans Wife

       This is to you. We have been together as friends for a long time, we meet by chance i think. Mutual friends brought us together. You were a girl i could be my self with, you never passed judgment. You were just like me in alot of ways, and yet so different. You could be yourself around me, tell me all your secrets,and when you didnt i still new them anyways. I have that special gift ya know. My kids hate it, they wish i could not get in to their heads.
        So many fun times we had, from drinking your moms liquor to being left at the roller rink, And even sharing the same friends. If you know what i mean. So many times i have wished i could go back to my youth and get lost in it all again. But there were sad times to like when you were in the hospital and i came to see you with our friends, yeah it was an hour away but i know it meant everything to you. Times when we thought my family might move. To heart breaks and thinking our world has ended because the current guy we were dating dumped one of us. We were thick as thieves you and I. Did everything together.
        Well we went out last night and had the girl time we needed, trying not to bring up subjects that would hurt. Drinking our scorpion bowl and having some crab Rangoon's. It was nice just to chill.  But the thing is, over the last six years we have been hanging again, you have done more for me than i can ever repay you for. giving me cloths and shoes and taking me out. Being there for me when my heart was broke. Maybe you didnt always know what to say, but you still listened anyways. I guess what i am trying to say is that i am lucky to have a friend like you. And i hope one day i can do for you what you have done for me.
        Please stay true..only you know what that is...I always think of you as the rainbow girl. The one who can pull off the punky Brewster look. And the girl who can look sophisticated if she needs. But the rainbow girl is always shining through in some way or another in what ever you wear..


  1. Ahh! Now you made ME cry!! You just had to get even didn'tcha? Love you, girl!

  2. Nah just wanted you to know how important you actually are.