Monday, March 7, 2011


So here i am talking to my friend about her current situation, And she says i should have listen to the voices in my head, as to which i replied, oh i don't listen to mine very often it is always telling me to jump. That's right the evil little guy on my shoulder saying jump i know you can fly, the other one saying hey i have never steered you wrong you cant fly. As to which i am now looking at them saying shut up. I can to fly, wait i don't have wings, i want to jump, no i dont i still have to much to do. I want to meddle in others affairs, no you don't , oh yeah well to late already did. I want to say told you so. Nope cant do that, you were hoping it would be different. Those little voices just don't want to go away, Yes i have jumped once or twice, because the one on the right told me to or the one on the left they tend to switch things up just to confuse me. Yep jumped of a bridge, that was oh i don't know, but way to high from the water for my comfort. Whole way down screaming oh shit, hit the water and felt like it took ten minutes to surface, the whole time wondering if i was going to surface or if that voice of mine was going to keep me down, only to surface after all the life had drained out of me, And guess what that voice said to me, see you can fly. Try again!!  No way the other one said, the next time it might not be near water. Remember when you were driving and i brought you back from the edge of the road, because that guy over there yep that's right, the one sitting there always steering you to jump, yeah him telling you it was ok, to go to that place of the great beyond. And me on the other side screaming no, you can make it through, it is only a bump in the road called life, All the while you were holding your ears going lalalalalal, I cant hear you, lalalala. Damn voices show up in the worse possible times, but thankfully i can realize that there is still so much left to learn. So to my dear friend, sometimes we don't listen because there was a lesson that still needed to be learned.