Wednesday, May 18, 2011

dinosaur eggs and best friends

   I want to start with the fact that i have very vivid dreams. I normally wake up once a night going wtf was that about. I also have a tendency to be able to comprehend and think rationally in my dreams. That has taken many years of practice. I tend to remember at least one if not bits and pieces of many.
    This particular night i was having a hard time sleeping. I took a benadryl about midnight hoping it would calm my sinuses and also give me that little extra umph to dream land.
    Here i am in a standard hospital, doctors nurses the whole nine yards. I was going to be a surget mother for my friend or at least that is my take on it. I went through all the preliminaries of meeting with the head doctor to make sure i had a stable mind. I also had the physical the blood drawn and i was all set to do this.
   Now I am in a room laying on my side in the white gown waiting for the doc to start the procedure. In walks my friend with her white gown shoes wrapped in blue booties and a hair cap. She proceeds to put her gloves on. Holding a gigantic looking dinosaur egg in her right hand she states ( I think this is what we are going to do, I am going to lift your leg and ram this sucker in.)  OK now my rational side of me is thinking wait this is not right what the hell is she thinking. Oh god i saw the look of fear in my eyes, Bang wide awake i am.
   This would have to be one of the strangest dreams i have had. I can only think that it came about because i am having my tubes tied, And i also watched a 7 month old baby that day.
   Feel free to add your opinion to this. It would be much appreciated.