Monday, January 31, 2011

the frustrations of my 12 year old..

Lets see it is now 7:09 am, and i have been up since 6:15 trying to get my 12 year old out of bed. First i start my coffee because this feat is going to take some serious caffeine to be able to stay sane, so with coffee in hand i go on to my sons room and precede to start and wake him up, First lights are on blankets off, And he just lays there, dozing on and off. Now I have tried to pull him out of bed which results in him yelling that i am hurting him one way or another. So here i am left standing wondering did i just hurt him. Because i am so furious with this situation that i might just have. Lets see this process has taken now over a half hour to get this far, I now open his mouth and proceed to cram his pill in and tell him to swallow. So here we are we have arrived at 6:50 in the morning and all i have accomplished is jamming a pill down my kids throat. He is still laying in bed and i am now huffing and puffing because this is the same thing every morning, now the yelling starts you have 10 minutes to get dress and get ready to leave you need to be out the door by 7:00. Ok now it is nine minutes, So he stretches and works all the kinks from sleeping out, and i am frothing at the mouth, ready to explode. Wow it is amazing some how he gets ready with 30 seconds to spare. All is now well in my house, And he always apologizes for not getting up on time, and always gives me a hug good bye with a promise that tomorrow he will get up on time, which is more than my 14 year old does, Who by the way is up and ready on his own. I hope eighth grade will be easier for the 12 year old thank god he is in 7. So now I sit here and wonder if, I have been going through this same routine now since the kid started school why do i still get so upset, As he says i make it to the bus so whats the big deal. 7:28 and i am now exhausted from the days events, which just started.