Friday, February 11, 2011


this is something i struggle with i am an animal lover of all types, except creepy crawly bugs. Well a couple of years ago i rescued a wonderful black German Shepard, i believe he was a retired canine. Midnight was is such a wonderful dog, but he is old in fact he will be 11 in July. I was hoping to give the dog a good home to live out the rest of his years, as a lazy dog. So circumstances happened and we lost our house which was not even a factor when we took midnight in. Well moving to an apartment that would only let me have one big dog i had to choose, our other sheared who is four, is our million dollar dog she has broken her elbow and has pins she is allergic to everything that involves grains. Midnight went to a wonderful home, my brothers. Where i could still visit him. Now my brother and his wife are moving, and he is to come back here. I am not suppose to have him. but how can you hide a 100 lb Shepard? Just so happens that mu friend has been thinking about a dog, She would be the perfect fit for her. Except i am worried about her little girl, who is very afraid of animals in general. I know this sheared would love her to pieces. And than there is the old factor it is hard to fall in love with an animal that may go sooner than you want him to. But I can guarantee he will not go to a shelter. People may say well you should have rented someplace that would let you have both dogs. But at the time I had a perfect house for him. And I could not find a place that would allow two big dogs and three boys..


  1. Best dog (german shepard-rottweiler mix) I ever adopted was old and nobody wanted her because of that. We took her in and she ended up only living about 2 more years, but I would do it again. If I lived closer, I would have Midnight live with me.

  2. thank you, he is a wonderful dog. he is here now so we will see how it works out. i love him alot and i am hoping my landlord will let me keep him once he meets him. Cause he really probably only has a year or two left.